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[티엔지번역 article] Multimedia Blogs

티엔지번역 2008. 11. 25. 22:38

Multimedia blogs are especially good for this purpose – because they entertain and add a viral component to your marketing.  They are going to emerge as a more powerful form of popular journalism, both at the citizen level as well as at the professional level, as a more popular medium in the age of new media.  Multimedia blog is an emergent interactivity model that is intimately linked with wireless and mobile technology.




Blogs are web logs that are updated regularly, usually on a daily basis, and typically a way of journalizing information whether it be personal, business, or what have you.  Blogs are about communicating – connecting with your audience.  Blogs have a number of advantages that make them excellent tools for communication.  Blogs and RSS boost your online business, rankings, traffic, and sales.  Blogs are the easiest and best way for anyone to create a web presence.  Blogs have a commenting function, and if turned on, it allows readers and visitors to post their comments, thoughts, or opinions on a particular article you have written.  Blogs provide great supplemental content and direct attention to areas of your business that you want to showcase; you direct the content but let your readers guide you.  Blogging culture thrives on linking to others' blogs or news sources.




RSS has been around for more than a decade but until recently "RSS Technology" started penetrating its roots deep inside the soil of the so-called E-world.  RSS "Really Simple Syndication" was created in 1999 to allow information to be published and subscribed to.  RSS feeds are the most important technology to arrive on the internet since blogging, yet take up of RSS feeds among webmasters and web visitors is still very low.  RSS is rapidly becoming a "must have" for a proper.




A blog is a frequent, online publication of comments, web links, and news.  Use your primary keywords in your title, the secondary keywords in the body of your posts, and in the anchor text of links in the body of your post.  A blog is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links in cyberspace.


Blogging is the latest internet craze and it may turn out to be just that and killed off if the avalanche of misinformation continues.  Blogging certainly can be candid, although there’s nothing to stop a blogger from being less than candid in his blog.  Blogging should be a hobby, a sideline, a marketing vehicle for your book, or a passion.

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