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[티엔지번역 article] BlackBerry Phones 본문

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[티엔지번역 article] BlackBerry Phones

티엔지번역 2009. 3. 9. 03:25

BlackBerry phones have rightfully become synonymous with smartphones. A favorite of mobile professionals from every industry, BlackBerry PDAs are renowned for their seamless email integration: connect to several personal and corporate email accounts, and push your emails right to your BlackBerry phone. Blackberry phones are well known for their great messaging features. The QWERTY definitely gives very good tactile feedback, which is the main factor getting users to type faster, making it one of the best phones used for messaging.


BlackBerry Phones

Verizon's BlackBerry Storm is getting a little kick in its pricing courtesy of an Amazon rebate-free rebate. The deal here is that the infamous touchscreen BlackBerry is now $99.99 on a two-year stint, with no rebate paperwork, no mailing things anywhere, just shell out cash, get a phone, call people. Verizon has no Samsung phones like these guys have. I was never so drawn, so determined to switch, then after picking up one fantastic Samsung phone after the other.


Blackberry phones prior to this series were seen as smartphones primarily intended for use by business professionals whereas the Blackberry Pearl series has been designed for users of all ages and professional levels. Blackberry phones are pretty much small computers. We can use them to check our emails and even to send emails. BlackBerry phones are the most popular phones because of their full set of business and entertainment features (like the Blackberry Storm). If you want a phone that can do it all, it's time you thought about a BlackBerry.

Moreover, the handset offers users to adjust the colors and font sizes, as per their wish. With the help of wireless Bluetooth technology or USB-cabled connection, the users can share or transfer the polyphonic and MP3 ring tones, videos, songs or any other data with other compatible devices. Moreover, these Blackberry mobile phones have actually redefined the factor of style. These high-end gadgets are most popularly known as business phones as they have the potential to handle all your business-related tasks with ease.

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