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[multimedia article] Translation Softwares 본문

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[multimedia article] Translation Softwares

티엔지번역 2009. 4. 20. 10:09

The Translation software is for translating a whole paragraph of text. The dictionary software gives a list of definitions of single words. The software is not capable of recognizing or translating misspelled words. Also, when this happens, it makes it difficult for the software to parse the sentence correctly. The translation software is open source and everyone uses the same address list. This way anyone on the Internet can find anyone else.

Basic translation software can be very accurate for everyday printed material, but may not be suitable if specialist characters are needed, such as mathematical, scientific or music notation. Some translation software can deal with more than one language code within a document, and some are limited to one language.

There are several of types of Translation software utilities available. Included in these are interactive translation utilities that might be considered as 'automatic' dictionaries . A certain speech recognition software yields electronic speech interpreters, called on to be your study aids and travel companions. Today's translation software is almost good enough to turn grammatically correct, slang-free text from one language into grammatically incorrect, barely readable approximations in another. But the software is not equipped for 10 consecutive translations of the same piece of text.

Actually translation software is being used by more and more human translators to increase their productivity. The software has proven to be a useful tool and timesaving device, but you still need need human intervention in order to maintain the quality of translation needed in businesses today. It's usually simple and easy to use. If the user can operate a word processing document, then chances are the software will be easy to use.

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